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What we offer

During their work, our employees are limited by neither national borders nor business divisions. As a result, our staff and customers benefit equally from individually accessible resources and great international know-how. The team, their equitable interactions, and an open corporate culture characterised by respect, appreciation and equal opportunities represent our special focus.

In this respect, individual freedom of design and decision-making are as important to us as individual responsibility. Beyond formal compliance with statutes and regulations, our employees act in the interest of the customer and the company. Our code of conduct follows international standards and is strictly observed by each of our colleagues. This code was derived from ethical requirements, effective laws and internal policies and is anchored in our compliance management system.

Our employees exude a special team spirit that goes far beyond the work environment. This is particularly true of those colleagues who are deployed hundreds of kilometres away from their families and have much more in common than just their work. During the week they spend a large part of their free time together and are like a small family within the large family of EQOS Energie. In some cases, there are actually several generations of “real” family members working for us.

Entry, commitment and career development

Our employees are contributors who have our full support when it comes to acquiring new skills. This way, they always find solutions in the interest of our customers.

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Occupational health and work safety

The occupational safety and health of our employees is our top priority. Each person who works for us should return home safely.

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Success stories

Learn directly from our employees how they experience our company on a day-to-day basis and what challenges they master.

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